Sayu Tsukisaka
Tsukisaka Sayu

Sayu resute

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General Information
BirthdaySeptember 7
Star SignVirgo
Blood TypeType A
Writing poetry
DislikesThings with many legs
Idol Info
Theme Color    
IPPSayu (IPP)--
Voice Actors
Japanese Voice ActorAkari Kito
Sayu Tsukisaka (月坂紗由) is one of the main characters of the Re:Stage! Project, and is a member of the unit KiRaRe.


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With a passion for idols, this genius girl strives for effort.

Sayu is a first year middle school student who has won many tournaments and auditions since elementary school. She originally wanted to attend the main school of Marehoshi but her parents are oppose to entertainment activities so she attends Takao Junior High School instead. Despite that, she plans to create an idol group at Takao. Her passion for idols is very strong and she can be quite strict.

Character Description


Sayu has very long, lavender hair worn up in a side-tail with layered bangs and chest-length forelocks. Her eyes are dark blue, and she is shown having fanged corner teeth.

In her first unit outfit, she wears a white ribbon attached to a star themed accessory on her ponytail, including a matching, blue accessory towards the front of her head. With her shoes she wears white stockings, one with a ruffled black cuff, the other with thin grey lines.

In her second unit outfit, her skirt matches that worn by most of the girls in the group, while her pink and navy ribbon is sewn to her left hip. Her sleeves are puffed, and she dons a miniature black hat with white ribbons. Her hair is worn in twin-tails here.

Her third outfit includes a tie and folded hat. Her lace layer of skirting is shown to flow longer in the back, reminiscent of a cape.




List of cards featuring Sayu in the game.

Rarity Card Name Card Picture
Sayu Tsukisaka Sayu Card-001
★★ [Stage Outfit] Sayu Tsukisaka Sayu Card-002
★★ [Training] Sayu Tsukisaka Sayu Card-003
★★★ [Stage Outfit] Sayu Tsukisaka Sayu Card-004
★★★ [School Uniform] Sayu Tsukisaka Sayu Card-005
★★★ [Casual Attire] Sayu Tsukisaka Sayu Card-006
★★★★ [Re:Stage!] Sayu Tsukisaka ReStage Sayu
★★★★ [KiRaRe] Sayu Tsukisaka KiRaRe Sayu
★★★★ [On:STAGE!!] Sayu Tsukisaka Sayu Card-007
★★★★ [Summer's Promise] Sayu Tsukisaka Sayu Card-008
★★★★ [Make My Day] Sayu Tsukisaka Sayu Card-009
★★★★ [Trick or Treat] Sayu Tsukisaka Sayu Card-010
★★★★ [P's LIVE!05] Sayu Tsukisaka Sayu Card-011
★★★★ [Shiny Smile] Sayu Tsukisaka Sayu Card-012
★★★★ [Jingle Bells!!] Sayu Tsukisaka Sayu Card-013
★★★★ [Happy New Year!!] Sayu Tsukisaka Sayu Card-015
★★★★ [Startin' My Re:STAGE!!] Sayu Tsukisaka Startin My ReSTAGE Sayu
★★★★ [Sensei Sensation] Sayu Tsukisaka Sayu Card-014
★★★★ [Me×Number of Dreams] Sayu Tsukisaka Me x number of dreams sayu
★★★★ [White Day] Sayu Tsukisaka
★★★★ [Yoga!Yoga!] Sayu Tsukisaka YogaYoga-Sayu
★★★★ [Tea:PARTY!!] Sayu Tsukisaka TeaPARTY Sayu
★★★★ [Ready for Dream] Sayu Tsukisaka
★★★★ [Back:STAGE!!] Sayu Tsukisaka BackSTAGE Sayu
★★★★ [Summer's Promise II] Sayu Tsukisaka Summers Promise Sayu
★★★★ [Summer:TIME!!] Sayu Tsukisaka SummerTIME Sayu
★★★★ [OTSUKIMI] Sayu Tsukisaka OTSUKIMI Sayu
★★★★ [PJs:PARTY!!] Sayu Tsukisaka PJs PARTY Sayu
★★★★ [Memories!] Sayu Tsukisaka
★★★★ [Merry Christmas!!] Sayu Tsukisaka Merry Christmas Sayu
★★★★ [Wonderful New Year!!] Sayu Tsukisaka Wonderful New Year Sayu
★★★★ [Chocolatière] Sayu Tsukisaka Chocolatiere-Sayu
★★★★ [Let's Study!!] Sayu Tsukisaka Let's Study Sayu
★★★★ [Stellamaris] Sayu Tsukisaka
★★★★ [IDOL×Nurse] Sayu Tsukisaka IDOLNurse Sayu
★★★★ [June:BRIDE!!] Sayu Tsukisaka JuneBRIDE-Sayu
★★★★ [Dream Days♪] Sayu Tsukisaka Dream Days Sayu



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