Ruka Ichijou
Ichijou Ruka

Ruka resute

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General Information
BirthdayOctober 9
Star SignLibra
Blood TypeType A
LikesAsian tea
DislikesFortune Telling
Idol Info
Theme Color    
Voice Actors
Japanese Voice ActorAyaka Suwa
Ruka Ichijou (一条瑠夏) is a character in Re:Stage! Project, and is a member of the unit, Stellamaris.


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President of Marehoshi Private Girls' Academy's Idol Club

Ruka is Aone's classmate. She has a cool and calm composure. Though she has confidence in her own abilities, she still practices everyday.

Character Description


Ruka has gentle purple eyes with thick lashes at the corners. Her silver hair is cut short in the back with a ruffled, dark blue accessory, and she has very thick, layered bangs of uneven length. On each side of the head is a few, flared locks, and her choppy, chest-length forelocks are shown to be longer than the rest of her hair. Her cowlick is medium-length.

Her casual attire appears relaxed and oversized with a comfortable color scheme of blue and black.

Her idol outfit consists of dark blue fabric accent by pale blue detail. The middle of the torso is exposed and bound by three buckled straps, while the top of the chest has white lace covering it. Beneath the chest is a pale blue scalloped band with white flowers drawn on it, accent the plaid lapel. Her ruffled tutu is in three layers, coming in plaid, dark blue with colorful shape lining, and a glittering pale blue layer lined in blue. Sewn to the back corner is a large, light blue ribbon. She also wears blue pumps with a black stocking on the right leg, and black fabric covering the entire left leg. On each arm is a ruffled sleeve with a blue cuff that has the accent from the second skirt, and on the right arm is a gold chain. She wears her normal hair accessory with gems covering it, and a ruffled black choker with a tie hanging from it.




List of cards featuring Ruka in the game.

Rarity Card Name Card Picture
Ruka Ichijou Ruka Card-001
★★ [Stage Outfit] Ruka Ichijou Ruka Card-002
★★ [Training] Ruka Ichijou Ruka Card-003
★★★ [Stage Outfit] Ruka Ichijou Ruka Card-004
★★★ [School Uniform] Ruka Ichijou Ruka Card-005
★★★ [Casual Attire] Ruka Ichijou Ruka Card-006
★★★★ [On:STAGE!!] Ruka Ichijou Ruka Card-007
★★★★ [My Day] Ruka Ichijou Ruka Card-008
★★★★ [Make My Day] Ruka Ichijou Ruka Card-009
★★★★ [Jingle Bells!!] Ruka Ichijou Ruka Card-010
★★★★ [Secret Dream] Ruka Ichijou Ruka Card-011
★★★★ [Stage of Star] Ruka Ichijou Ruka Card-012
★★★★ [Let's Study!!] Ruka Ichijou Lets study ruka
★★★★ [Chocolatière] Ruka Ichijou Choco ruka
★★★★ [Brilliant Wings] Ruka Ichijou Brilliantwings ruka
★★★★ [Other:STAGE!!] Ruka Ichijou Other stage



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