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DISCLAIMER: All of the contents come from the game and the official website.
OFFICIAL RE:STAGE WEBSITE: http://rst-project.com/sp/
OFFICIAL RE:STAGE ANIME WEBSITE:https://rst-anime.com/

The Re:stage project is a multimedia project by Pony Canyon and Comptiq about a group of middle school idols. They aim to join the Prism Stage, a nationwide tournament that has become the goal of many middle school idols because it will lead them to become top idols.

Featured Page
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Our featured page is...Yukari Itsumura, who just had her birthday this June 5th!

Yukari is a first year middle school student. She has a bright and frank personality which her manner of talking reflects well. She has an unusual relationship with Haruka, being Haruka's aunt despite being younger than her. Her ability to sync dancing and singing is extremely high.

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