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Re:Stage! Dream Days♪ (Re:ステージ!ドリームデイズ♪) is the title for the ongoing anime series based on the Re:Stage! project. The series is animated by Yumeta Company and Graphinica. The anime began airing on July 7th, 2019.

English distribution is being licensed to Sentai Filmworks.


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The story centers around the first-year student Mana Shikimiya as she pursue her dreams of winning at the Prism Stage, the competition that determines the top middle-school idol.


Mana Shikimiya (式宮舞菜 Shikimiya Mana)
CV: Amane Makino
A first year student who formerly attended the main school of Marehoshi Junior High School, but for some reasons she transferred into the Takao branch. She is not very good at going in front of people. Despite this, with her outstanding singing and dancing talents, she becomes a completely different person once she comes up on stage. She is currently living with her Aunt.
Sayu Tsukisaka (月坂紗由 Tsukisaka Sayu)
CV: Akari Kito
Sayu is a first year middle school student who has won many tournaments and auditions since elementary school. She originally wanted to attend the main school of Marehoshi but her parents are oppose to entertainment activities so she attends Takao Junior High School instead. Despite that, she plans to create an idol group at Takao. Her passion for idols is very strong and she can be quite strict.
Mizuha Ichikishima (市杵島瑞葉 Ichikishima Mizuha)
CV: Masumi Tazawa
A third year student and president of the Traditional Dance Club at Takao's branch. She is the daughter of a revered Shinto shrine family and is an expert of Kagura-style dancing. Usually a quiet and calm person, but when her club was in danger of shutting down she is forced to switching her club into more of an idol club. She has peculiar connections making her much different than your typical junior high student.
Kae Hiiragi (柊かえ Hiiragi Kae)
CV: Meemu Tachibana
Kae is a first year middle school student who is a classmate of Mana and Sayu. Ever since she was an elementary student, she has not been good at communicating with other people and now lives by herself. She is also good at mechanics and has plenty of inventions around her room.
Kasumi Honjou (本城香澄 Honjou Kasumi)
CV: Yuka Iwahashi
Kasumi is a second year middle school student with a cool appearance and outstanding proportions. Though she once aspired to be an idol, she had given up on that dream when entering junior high school. Currently she is the ace of the Survival Game Club.
Mii Hasegawa (長谷川みい Hasegawa Mii)
CV: Yuki Sorami
Mii is a young solo idol. She has been involved in various events and made a lot of fans through her cute appearance and her singing voice is her charm point. She tends to end her sentences with ~mii.


Voice actors and actresses who participated in the series:

Amane Makino as Mana Shikimiya
Aimi Tanaka as Sango Misaki
Akari Kitō as Sayu Tsukisaka
Ari Ozawa as Yukari Itsumuka
Ayaka Suwa as Ruka Ichijō
Juri Nagatsuma as Nagisa Himura
Masumi Tazawa as Izuha Ichikishima
Meemu Tachibana as Kae Hiiragi
Miki Satō as Haku Nishidate
Minami Takahashi as Aone Shikimiya
Natsumi Hioka as Amaha Shiratomi
Natsumi Yamada as Mikuru Bandō
Nozomi Nishida as Kuroha Shirokita
Rika Abe as Kanade Hokaze
Tomoyo Takayanagi as Akari Haeno
Yuka Iwahashi as Kasumi Honjo
Yuki Sorami as Mii Hasegawa
Yumiri Hanamori as Haruka Itsumura


Staff members who worked for the series:

Director: Shin Katagai
Series Composition: Team Yoree
Music: Kohta Yamamoto
Original Character Design: Tsubasa Izumi
Character Design: Motohiro Taniguchi
Art Director: Ken Naito
Sound Director: Toshiki Kameyama
CGI Director: Takuto Chino
Director of Photography: Akio Hayashi
Art Setting: Tsukasa Ohira
Color Design: Yoriko Matsumori
Editing: Hitomi Sudō
Prop Design: Michiko Otani


No. Title Original Air Date
1 Stick Together, Lyrical Tradition Dance Club
(くっつけて, 謡舞踊部?)
July 7, 2019

Mana’s first day at Marehoshi Academy comes with an unexpected discovery. It turns out club participation is mandatory, so it’s time to find one, and fast!

2 Nothing More Than a Water Flea
July 14, 2019

If the club doesn’t get five members, it’ll be disbanded. Scrambling for ideas, Sayu suggests attracting new members with a mini live show. And what about Kae — will she join?

3 Didn't I Say I'm Not Interested?
July 21, 2019

Kasumi's aptitude for stardom makes her a potential recruit. But she isn't interested in joining and challenges the club to a survival game! Can the club change her mind?

4 It's Over for Mii
July 28, 2019

The student council can’t disband the club now that it has five members! That is until the vice president moves the goalposts. What does she have against the club, anyway?

5 Umekobucha Drinking Party
August 4, 2019

The club needs a song, fast! With the submission deadline quickly approaching, everyone pairs up to brainstorm ideas. Hopefully, they won’t get too carried away...

6 Yukari-chan Is My Aunt
August 11, 2019

Minori is all work and no play when it comes to practice, but the rest of KiRaRe really need a break. Surely there’s more to being an idol than rehearsal and costumes, right?

7 She Is My Senpai, but Maybe I Should Shut Her Up
August 18, 2019

A chance meeting with Aone of Stellamaris shakes Mana to her core as bad memories come flooding back. If Mana’s so talented, what’s holding her back?

8 I Won't Do It For Free
August 25, 2019

KiRaRe did well, but they’re not the only competitors on stage! Stellamaris and ortensia are performing, too, and they'll give KiRaRe a run for their money.

9 I'll Go Ahead and Contact Her Parents
September 1, 2019

Sayu’s distracted during practice and confides to Mana that she’s having trouble at home. Her mom doesn’t want her to become an idol!

10 Their Power Levels Are Rapidly Increasing
September 8, 2019

Stellamaris is amazingly good, so KiRaRe decides to sneak onto the main campus for a little reconnaissance. However, the idol group Tetrarkhia has the same idea!


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TVアニメ「Re-ステージ! ドリームデイズ♪」ティザーPV

TVアニメ「Re-ステージ! ドリームデイズ♪」ティザーPV

TVアニメ「Re ステージ! ドリームデイズ♪」PV第1弾

TVアニメ「Re ステージ! ドリームデイズ♪」PV第1弾

TVアニメ「Re ステージ! ドリームデイズ♪」PV第2弾

TVアニメ「Re ステージ! ドリームデイズ♪」PV第2弾

TVアニメ「Re ステージ! ドリームデイズ♪」PV第3弾

TVアニメ「Re ステージ! ドリームデイズ♪」PV第3弾

TVアニメ「Re ステージ! ドリームデイズ♪」番宣SPOT1

TVアニメ「Re ステージ! ドリームデイズ♪」番宣SPOT1

TVアニメ「Re ステージ! ドリームデイズ♪」番宣SPOT2

TVアニメ「Re ステージ! ドリームデイズ♪」番宣SPOT2


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