Re:Stage! (Re:ステージ! Re:Suteeji!) is a Japanese multimedia project created by Pony Canyon. The project consists of 5 idol units, both having real life peformances and virtual anime counterparts, live performances, an online story, a mobile game, and an anime series, titled Re:Stage! Dream Days♪.


The story of the franchise is told through stories released both in print and online. The story follows the character Mana Shikimiya as she transfers to Takao Middle School and joins the Traditional Dance Club (謡舞踊部 Youbuyoubu), a club on the verge of disbanding due to a lacking number of members. The Traditional Dance Club forms the idol unit of KiRaRe, and the story follows them as they meet four other units, who together compete to win the Prism Step competition, an idol competition for middle school students!

Mobile Game

Mana resute app

A free rhythm mobile game was released by Hotarubi on July 31, 2017 for Android and August 5, 2017 for iOS named Re:Stage! Prism Step (Re:ステージ!プリズムステップ!). Prism Step is described as a rhythm puzzle game, as it features puzzle-esque type rhythm gameplay that involves moving members to match colors of notes.


List of Songs

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