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General Information
BirthdayJune 13
Star SignGemini
Blood TypeAB
LikesGreen tea
Salt mochi dumplings
DislikesPlaces with a lot of people
Idol Info
Theme Color    
Voice Actors
Japanese Voice ActorMasumi Tazawa
Mizuha Ichikishima (市杵島瑞葉) is one of the main characters of the Re:Stage! Project, and is a member of the unit KiRaRe.


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President of the Traditional Dance Club

A third year student and president of the Traditional Dance Club at Takao's branch. She is the daughter of a revered Shinto shrine family and is an expert of Kagura-style dancing. Usually a quiet and calm person, but when her club was in danger of shutting down she is forced to switching her club into more of an idol club. She has peculiar connections making her much different than your typical junior high student.

Character Description


Mizuha has violet eyes with a pinkish hue. Her long, straightened black hair is nearly thigh length, with her short, mostly straightened bangs reaching her cheeks. She has thinner, chest-length forelocks curling outward. Her casual attire is feminine and mature.

In comparison to her unit-mates, her outfits feature more "coverage". For example, her first outfit included tall boots instead of shoe and sock combinations. She also wore sleeves, and the blue fabric at her chest covers up to mid-neck. She wears two matching star accessories in her hair in comparison to everyone's one, and hers are mauve in color.

Her second outfit matches the others further, with pink and white striped fabric worn beneath her chest and a navy and pink ribbon on each hip. She has a tie with this, along with a ruffled pink and white wrist accessory and arm accessories. She wears a headband with a ribbon.

For her third outfit, she wears a tie and a small folded hat. Her skirt is different, in that the lace layer entirely covers the white layer.




List of cards featuring Mizuha in the game.

Rarity Card Name Card Picture
Mizuha Ichikishima Mizuha Card-001
★★ [Stage Outfit] Mizuha Ichikishima Mizuha Card-002
★★ [Training] Mizuha Ichikishima Mizuha Card-003
★★★ [Stage Outfit] Mizuha Ichikishima Mizuha Card-004
★★★ [School Uniform] Mizuha Ichikishima Mizuha Card-005
★★★ [Casual Attire] Mizuha Ichikishima Mizuha Card-006
★★★★ [On:STAGE!!] Mizuha Ichikishima Mizuha Card-007
★★★★ [Summer's Promise] Mizuha Ichikishima Mizuha Card-008
★★★★ [Make My Day] Mizuha Ichikishima Mizuha Card-009
★★★★ [Autumn Leaves] Mizuha Ichikishima Mizuha Card-010
★★★★ [P's LIVE!05] Mizuha Ichikishima Mizuha Card-011
★★★★ [Maid Cafe] Mizuha Ichikishima Mizuha Card-012
★★★★ [Happy New Year!!] Mizuha Ichikishima
Mizuha Card-014
★★★★ [Startin' My Re:STAGE!!] Mizuha Ichikishima
★★★★ [Sensei Sensation] Mizuha Ichikishima Mizuha Card-013


  • Mizuha goes to school wearing a kimono unlike the others who wear uniforms.


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