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Shikimiya Mana

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General Information
BirthdayApril 23
Star SignTaurus
Blood TypeO
LikesReading fantasy books
DislikesFighting with people
Spicy things
Idol Info
Theme Color    
IPPMana (IPP) 2--
Voice Actors
Japanese Voice ActorAmane Makino
Mana Shikimiya (式宮舞菜) is the main character of the Re:Stage! Project, and is a member of the unit, KiRaRe.

Mana has an older sister named Aone Shikimiya.


From official website.

A girl who holds the power of an overwhelming idol.

A first year student who formerly attended the main school of Marehoshi Junior High School, but for some reasons she transferred into the Takao branch. She is not very good at going in front of people. Despite this, with her outstanding singing and dancing talents, she becomes a completely different person once she comes up on stage. She is currently living with her Aunt.

Character Description


Mana has short auburn hair worn chin length with a small amount pulled back into a tiny ponytail. Her long layered bangs are worn under longer forelocks flaring in alternate directions. She has a large, curled ahoge. She wears a clover-like hair clip, which she usually includes in some form in her idol outfits. Her eyes are dark blue.

Her causal attire is simplistic, often including denim or red-colored items.

With her original Idol outfit she lacks the skirt ribbon everyone else has, and she wore a pair of white stockings, one with lines, pink stars, and frilly trim, while the other had two small bows. She kept her hair clip and dons a a frilly pink and blue hair accessory with matching wrist piece.

Her secondary outfit features a vastly different skirt in comparison to the attire worn by the others, and included a pink and white striped fabric on the waist attached to a navy and white striped ribbon on the right hip. Her straps were also different styled, and she is the only girl shown wearing navy lower arm sleeves. She wore a hair ribbon and matching scrunchie, along with a beret.

Her third uniform resembled the others, but with a ribbon at the neck and different skirt shape.




List of cards featuring Mana in the game.

Rarity Card Name Card Picture
Mana Shikimiya Mana Card-001
★★ [Stage Outfit] Mana Shikimiya Mana Card-002
★★ [Training] Mana Shikimiya Mana Card-003
★★★ [Stage Outfit] Mana Shikimiya Mana Card-004
★★★ [School Uniform] Mana Shikimiya Mana Card-005
★★★ [Casual Attire] Mana Shikimiya Mana Card-006
★★★★ [Re:Stage!] Mana Shikimiya Re STAGE Mana
★★★★ [KiRaRe] Mana Shikimiya KiRaRe mana
★★★★ [On:STAGE!!] Mana Shikimiya Mana Card-007
★★★★ [Summer's Promise] Mana Shikimiya Mana Card-008
★★★★ [Make My Day] Mana Shikimiya Mana Card-009
★★★★ [Trick or Treat] Mana Shikimiya Mana Card-010
★★★★ [P's LIVE!05] Mana Shikimiya Mana Card-011
★★★★ [Shiny Smile] Mana Shikimiya Mana Card-012
★★★★ [Jingle Bells!!] Mana Shikimiya Mana Card-013
★★★★ [Happy New Year!!] Mana Shikimiya Mana Card-015
★★★★ [Me×Number of Dreams] Mana Shikimiya MexNumber of dreams mana
★★★★ [Startin' My Re:STAGE!!] Mana Shikimiya Startin My ReSTAGE Mana
★★★★ [Sensei Sensation] Mana Shikimiya Mana Card-014
★★★★ [Beautiful Spring] Mana Shikimiya
★★★★ [Stellamaris] Mana Shikimiya
★★★★ [Tea:PARTY!!] Mana Shikimiya TeaPARTY Mana
★★★★ [Ready for Dream] Mana Shikimiya Ready for Dream Mana
★★★★ [Back:STAGE!!] Mana Shikimiya BackSTAGE Mana
★★★★ [Summer's Promise II] Mana Shikimiya Summers Promise II Mana
★★★★ [Summer:TIME!!] Mana Shikimiya SummerTIME Mana
★★★★ [OTSUKIMI] Mana Shikimiya OTSUKIMI Mana
★★★★ [PJs:PARTY!!] Mana Shikimiya PJs Party Mana
★★★★ [Memories!] Mana Shikimiya Memories-Mana
★★★★ [Merry Christmas!!] Mana Shikimiya Merry Christmas Mana
★★★★ [Wonderful New Year!!] Mana Shikimiya Wonderful-New-Year-Mana
★★★★ [Chocolatière] Mana Shikimiya Chocolatiere-mana (1)
★★★★ [Let's Study!!] Mana Shikimiya Let's Study Mana
★★★★ [IDOL×Nurse] Mana Shikimiya IdolxNurse-Mana
★★★★ [Mother's Day Cooking♪] Mana Shikimiya Mother's Day Cooking Mana
★★★★ [June:BRIDE!!] Mana Shikimiya June Bride Mana
★★★★ [Dream Days♪] Mana Shikimiya Dream Days Mana



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