Kae Hiiragi
Hiiragi Kae

Kae resute

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General Information
BirthdayJanuary 5
Star SignCapricorn
Blood TypeO
LikesElectronic Gadgets
DislikesWater Fleas
Idol Info
Theme Color    
Voice Actors
Japanese Voice ActorMeemu Tachibana
Kae Hiiragi (柊かえ) is one of the main characters of the Re:Stage! Project, and is a member of the unit KiRaRe.


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Mana's classmate

Kae is a first year middle school student who is a classmate of Mana and Sayu. Ever since she was an elementary student, she has not been good at communicating with other people and now lives by herself. She is also good at mechanics and has plenty of inventions around her room.

Character Description


Kae has short pink hair and drooped sapphire eyes. her thick bangs have a tented, longer layer over them to frame her face. Casually she wears frilly, feminine clothing and rarely exposes skin. Almost always, she wears a large black ribbon placed behind her head.

In the first unit uniform, Kae wears a frilly indigo star hair accessory the blue fabric at the chest is slightly different than the others. She wears an alternate patterned wrist piece, while the arm accessory on the other girls is a wrist cuff for her. With her shoes she wears black fabric covering her entire right leg, while a grey and white striped stocking adorns her left.

Her second outfit is shown to be drastically different from the others,taking the form of a long, flowing dress with ruffled sleeves rather then a uniform. She wears a single white sleeve on one arm and pink ribbon on the other. Her ribbon is pink with a white border and sewn to the back, and she wears black tights. At her neck is a ribbon, and she wears hair caps.

Her third outfit matches the others, and she wears a bow-tie at the neck and a beret.




List of cards featuring Kae in the game.

Rarity Card Name Card Picture
Kae Hiiragi Kae Card-001
★★ [Stage Outfit] Kae Hiiragi Kae Card-002
★★ [Training] Kae Hiiragi Kae Card-003
★★★ [Stage Outfit] Kae Hiiragi Kae Card-004
★★★ [School Uniform] Kae Hiiragi Kae Card-005
★★★ [Casual Attire] Kae Hiiragi Kae Card-006
★★★★ [On:STAGE!!] Kae Hiiragi Kae Card-007
★★★★ [Summer's Promise] Kae Hiiragi Kae Card-008
★★★★ [Make My Day] Kae Hiiragi Kae Card-009
★★★★ [Trick or Treat] Kae Hiiragi Kae Card-010
★★★★ [P's LIVE!05] Kae Hiiragi Kae Card-011
★★★★ [Shiny Smile] Kae Hiiragi Kae Card-012
★★★★ [Other:STAGE!!] Kae Hiiragi Kae Card-013
★★★★ [Startin' My Re:STAGE!!] Kae Hiiragi Kae Card-015
★★★★ [Sensei Sensation] Kae Hiiragi Kae Card-014
★★★★ [Hotpot Party!!] Kae Hiiragi Kae Card-016
★★★★ [Me×Number of Dreams] Kae Hiiragi Kae Card-017


  • She is referred to as "Princess" by Kasumi because Kae's online handle in FPS games is "Dark Shadow Princess", while Kae calls her "Angel" in return due to Kasumi's nickname being "Thousand Kill Angel" in the survival game club.


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