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    March 17, 2018 by Cerisu

    My own (Cerisu) planned list of edits on the wiki

    ~~ Currently mostly inactive ~~

    • Add character bios to all characters
    • Full sweep of existing character bios for translation and wording checks
    • Create pages for missing songs and translate song names in a quick sweep
    • Write up a page for the Franchise tab to get links to Re:Stage! to work
    • Adding a consistent opening line to every song page. Opted to leave out the word "sang" in "sang by the unit" because having a single implies you sing it. Also left off Re:Stage! Project to avoid too many links in opening sentence, and going to unit page links the franchise's page anyway, as well as clicking the Franchise dropdown.
    • Do something about the dead Characters Link - Someone created the category page!
    • Wri…

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